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Posted on 27 July, 2018
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iiremanila.org -Soap SOAP (ursprünglich für Simple Object Access Protocol) ist ein Netzwerkprotokoll, mit dessen Hilfe Daten zwischen Systemen ausgetauscht und Remote Procedure Calls durchgeführt werden können.

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Wikipedia. Soap is the term for a salt of a fatty acid or for a variety of cleansing and lubricating products produced from such a substance. Household uses for soaps include washing, bathing, and other types of housekeeping, where soaps act as surfactants, emulsifying oils to enable them to be carried away by water.

Php: soap. If you are having an issue where SOAP cannot find the functions that are actually there if you view the wsdl file, it's because PHP is caching the wsdl file (for a day at a time).

Definition of soap by medical dictionary. green soap (medicinal soap) (soft soap) a soap made from vegetable oils other than coconut oil or palm kernel oil, potassium hydroxide as an alkali, and glycerin.

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